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Hey there, friends and family of Femme Rebellion Fest.

In these days of war and hatred we are especially happy about one of the bands of this years Femme Rebellion Fest: We are very much looking forward to (hopefully) welcoming the wonderful Rvanina from Russia!

Let us dance and party against machism and war!!

Lots of love and punk.

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Wir haben großartige Neuigkeiten:

Das 5. Femme Rebellion Fest wird vom 25. - 28. Mai 2022 stattfinden.

Und es gibt noch mehr tolle News:

Wir sind so glücklich und aufgeregt, dass die wundervollen shewolf aus Frankreich dabei sein werden!!

Wir werden hier demnächst weitere Details zu den Bands und Orten posten... Wir sehen uns im Mai.

Lots of love and punk! <3 <3 <3

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Hey there!

We have been coping with this crazy times and thinking a lot. We decided

that the Femme Rebellion Fest is far too special as to compromise to the

given circumstances because of Covid. We think the Femme Rebellion Fest

should be an experience where you can feel free, connected to one

another and safe at the same time. Unfortunately it doesn't look like

this could be possible in November.

It is sad, but we decided to postpone the date once again, hoping for a

great experience a couple of months later, and this time for real. So we

are now planning for may 2022 and we would be very glad

to count you in!

Hope to see you soon!! :-)

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