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Film tipp: wich Band is your boyfriend in?

"'So, Which Band is Your Boyfriend in?' is an exploration of the real-life experiences of non-male participants in the UK's DIY and underground music scenes. It features the views of individuals in various roles (musicians, sound engineers, venue owners, photographers, writers), discovering how and why they got involved in music. The film takes a look at the positive and the not-so-positive experiences in the current music scene, and investigates what can be done to make music more accessible to everyone, regardless of gender.

Featuring: Talia and Villa (Nu, Pogodi!), Lande (Muncie Girls/School of Frock), Pippa (Exeter Cavern), Lou (Caves), The Tuts, Iona (Shit Present), Jen (Colour Me Wednesday), Marcia (The Skints), Laila K (Sonic Boom Six) and many more..."

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